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Fukuno Kiln Ibaraki Prefecture Fukuno Kiln Ibaraki prefecture, Kanto

Artist :
FUKUNO Michitaka


It takes twenty minutes from the Tomobe of Kita-Kanto expressway interchange by car. There is Mt. Kunimi Hodaiin of Soto Zen Buddhism temple which was constructed since long ago near the kiln. A millions red flowers or rhododendrons are blooming in spring, many tourists visit to watch those beautiful scenery. At the top of the mountain in opposite side from there, azalea are also pretty open. FUKUNO, Michitaka studied Nunome technique (trace of the cloth left on the pottery's surface) under ITO, Motohiko, studied painting of Kutani Ware as a trainee of Agency for Cultural Affairs, and he opened kiln in Kasama, Ibaraki prefecture. It is said that Kasama Ware was born at Hakoda, Kasama-shi in mid-Edo period from the beginning. FUKUNO is the regular member of Japan Kogei Association and he is very active with winning the prize in various public exhibitions as an ceramic artist. His modern vessels have earned a good reputation with geometric design of minute, delicate paintings.

Address : 3194-14 Hakoda, Kasama-shi, Ibaraki 309-1631 Japan


FUKUNO, Michitaka
He studied under ITO, Haruhiko and mastered overglaze enamel at Kutani.
His minute geometric pattern painted in red, brown, green color and round-shaped form is attractive.