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Dainichi kiln Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto ware Dainichi kiln Kyoto prefecture, Kinki

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Dainichi Kiln is in Yamashina-ku, Kyoto prefecture. It is the place of ten minutes' walk from the Ono station of Tozai Line, Kyoto Subway. Yamashina-ku is surrounded by mountains in the east of Kyoto. Ruins of Jomon, Yayoi period were excavated, and earthenware, stoneware were also found, the marks on culture can be felt. It is adjacent to Otsu-shi, Shiga prefecture, and was prospered as the traffic important location between Kyoto and Eastern countries. Dainichigama is named by Tsukubajohen who is the chief priest of Kanshuji temple in the sense that he will not be double-faced. There is a sun-flower field near the kiln. MR. TAKEMURA cultivates field and harvests sunflowers as a material of glaze. His original natural ash glaze is made from ashes of fired plants such as sunflowers, grapes, and figs. Few ceramic artist makes glaze from the early stage of making ashes by himself nowadays. His artworks are very profound because different colors are appeared depending on materials.

Address: 110 Kanshujigoshouchi-cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 607-8218 Japan


A craftsman who uses ash of various plants to produce natural ash glaze. The gentle texture of his vessels creates a soft smoothing atmosphere.