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Hatamantoen Saga Prefecture Hatamantoen Saga prefecture, Kyusyu

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Hatamantoen is located in Mt. Okawachi, Saga prefecture which is famous for ceramics produced at the Nabeshima clan's kiln. It is the place of thirty minutes' drive from the Takeokitagata interchange of Nagasaki expressway. It has carried on over eighty years and continues to make new Nabeshima Ware with the great desire. The Nabeshima-yaki works are displayed with an elegant mood to a degree from the time of the foundation to the present. Hatamantoen has established the brand of high-class tableware and proposed the refined image. They considered the best ease of use like beer cup with ring-shaped handle or simple plate for pasta. The real life and culture has been proposed through whole-hearted craftsmanship which resonate with users. They add high-grade colors to our daily life.

Address : 1820 Okawachi-cho-otsu, Imari-shi, Saga 848-0025 Japan


The family business is the manufacturer of Imari ware brightly-coloured porcelain.
He brings out the best of materials from clay and adds originality to body.