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Seika Kiln Saga Prefecture Seika Kiln Saga prefecture, Kyusyu

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Seika Kiln is ten minutes' drive from the Hasamiarita interchange of Nishi Kyushu expressway or is ten minutes' walk from the Kurogo Station, Nishi-Kyushu Line. The lengthen street is quiet with beautiful scenery surrounded by mountains. KAWASASKI, Seiichi was graduated from Arita Collage of Ceramics, and he worked as temporary employee there. The kiln was established in 1999 after left that college, he works hard for making ceramics every day. There are many ceramics like white porcelain or porcelain with the pale blue glaze which express lovely flower's beauty by engraving in Japanese alcove. By careful engraving one by one with perfect sketch, not using colors, the flower's delicacy is prominent such as lily, iris. He has took over the history which ancestors created for a long while, and furthermore enhances the charm of new Arita Ware. Please enjoy the world of engraving which KAWASAKI challenges the limit of expression.

Address: 592-17 Kitanokawachi-hei, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga 849-4166 Japan


The soft and graceful design of an iris, a lily, and Dutchman's pipe cactus. Pursues new possibility in the white porcelain with the pale blue glaze using the expression of engraving.