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Taniho Kiln Saga Prefecture Taniho Kiln Saga prefecture, Kyusyu

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Taniho Kiln is the place of ten minutes’ drive from the Ureshino interchange of Nagasaki Expressway. There is Ureshino-onsen which is famous for sightseeing place around the kiln. It is the district that Hizenyoshida Ware was transmitted with over 400 year history. The old ruins of a kiln excavation and study was advanced in 1985. It has become a spotlight as a kiln's place of as it were transient early overglaze enamel which was flashed like a shooting star in a moment and gone off. Taniho Kiln was established in 1977 by MIYAZAKI, Yusuke. He studied under Kozan Kiln, and has determined to be independent of the kiln. A style is various such as sometsuke, somenishiki, iroe, yuriko, akae, seiji, ginsai, hokosai, kinginsai, and luster-sai. Silk Road is a theme common to his porcelain, the vaguely design which appears on the dull background is very unique. His-son Yasuhiro also makes colored vessels with modern design. Please enjoy the style with each individuality floating.

Address : 3855 Yoshida-tei, Ureshinomachi, Ureshino-shi, Saga 843-0303 Japan


A member of the Japan Art Craft Association, he is extremely good at Somenishiki, underglaze blue, celadon, iron picture, and so on. His art is highly evaluated with an infinite attraction of frank color and exotic expression of silk road.
MIYAZAKI, Yausuhiro
He makes ceramics in Taniho Kiln in Ureshino-shi, Saga prefecture. His style and his nostalgic painting attracts many fans.