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Yuki Kiln Tokyo Yuki Kiln Tokyo, Kanto

Artist :
HOSHINO Tomoyuki


Yuki Kiln is the place of five minutes' walk from the Kokubunji station, JR Chuo Line. It is a quiet residential area and located near central of Tokyo. Once entering from the boulevard into narrow road, you can see the waving curtain written "Toko Yukigama" makes us relaxed. The electric potter's wheel and the electric kiln are placed neatly in the workplace. Hoshino-san was born in Kofu-shi, Yamanashi prefecture. He started making ceramics when he worked for temp agency company since graduated from the university. He has started to be a ceramic artist with being attracted by handmade after quit the job. He studied ceramics under Ikai-san since he learned at Kyoto-fu College of Potter Technology. Yuki Kiln was established at Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo in 2006. He won several prize at public exhibition and holds solo exhibition actively.

Address : 2-20-12 Higashimotomachi, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo 185-0022 Japan


HOSHINO, Tomoyuki
Yuki kiln has been opened in Kokubunji-shi Tokyo, and he developed the original method called Neritsugi.
The idea comes from connecting soil with different hues.