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Isokichi Shinkotoyo Kiln Ishikawa Prefecture Isokichi Shinkotoyo Kiln Ishikawa prefecture, Hokuriku

Artist :
ASAKURA Isokichi


Isokichi Shinkotoyo Kiln is the place of twenty minutes’ drive from Komatsu Airport or is ten minutes’ drive from the Komatsu station, JR Hokuriku Line. They make new Kutani porcelain with succeeding to the craftsmanship. Yawata-machi was once the production area of raw clay where the kiln is located since the late Edo period. Isokichi Shinko Kiln was established in early Taisho period, the third potter Isokichi-san manages the kiln today. Three are three artists Isokichi-san, his daughter Kazuka-san and her husband Hiroaki-san in the kiln. Enjoy vivid tableware colored by five colors that's typical of Kutani-yaki.

Address : Mi-50-1, Yawata, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa 923-0833 Japan


ASAKURA, Isokichi
The family business is the pottery factory specialized in five-colored ceramic of Kutani ware.
He's the third generation potter of the Isokichi family and creates his own path.

Kazuka-san has taken over the skill of special coloring that has been developed in the Isokichi family.
Geometric patterns are hand-designed elegantly, which lets us feel a sense of serenity.

ASAKURA, Hiroaki
All sorts of works are achieved consistently by hand like mold, bake and overglaze.
He paints over the figure with distinctive five colors, as taking up gods that has been transmitted from the myth.