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Isokichi Shinkotoyo Kiln Ishikawa Prefecture Isokichi Shinkotoyo Kiln Ishikawa prefecture, Hokuriku

Artist :
ASAKURA Isokichi


Isokichi Shinkotoyo Kiln is the place of twenty minutes’ drive from Komatsu Airport or is ten minutes’ drive from the Komatsu station, JR Hokuriku Line. Artworks are placed such as incense burners, large plates, vases, jars, and cup & saucers, plates and bowls in the exhibition room. They make new Kutani porcelain with succeeding to the traditional Kutani Ware's skill. It was once the production area of raw clay for Kutani Ware in Yawata where the kiln is located since the late Edo period. Isokichi Shinko Kiln was established at Yawata in early Taisho period, the third potter Isokichi takes over the kiln today. Three are three potters Isokichi, his daughter Kazuka and her husband Hiroaki in the kiln, they work hard day after day. At Gallery & Cafe "Isokichi" attached to the kiln, coffee or tea is served with cups, plates made in kiln. Please have a tea time there. You can enjoy vivid tableware colored by Kutani Ware five colors of overglaze enamel.

Address : Mi-50-1, Yawata, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa 923-0833 Japan
Visiting hours : 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


ASAKURA, Isokichi
The third generation successor of Isokichi Shinko Kiln. Creates profoundness by using the color vivid yellow, and an outstanding modern form of art.
She is the daughter of ASAKURA, Isokichi. Taking over the Kutani Ware tradition, paints regulated geometric pattern on friendly color, which allows one to feel a sense of serenity.
ASAKURA, Hiroaki
He makes porcelain in Isokichi Shinko Kiln. He paints the pattern precisely with such vivid colors. His items are limited as only a few exist.