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Maruwa Kiln Fukuoka Prefecture Maruwa Kiln Fukuoka prefecture, Kyusyu

Artist :
OTA, Tomitaka


Maruwa Kiln is located in approximately thirty minutes' drive from the Haki interchange of Oita Expressway. Toho village where the pottery stands is situated at the east of the center in Fukuoka prefecture. It is also near Hita-shi, Oita prefecture. There is fertile land with many beautiful forests, and is also the mountain regions filled in nature. Mintosai (the folkcraft pottery festival) is held twice a year by 50 kilns together and many guests visit there from all over the country. Koishiwara Ware was started as Nakano ware by Kuroda Mitsuyuki who was the third lord of Kuroda clan. Then mass production began in that era. They have succeeded the former potter's skill and it became widely known as the big industry by the Minto boom in the Showa 30's. The kiln keeps the tradition more than 350 years and has contiuned to make pottery which is available for the present time. The third generation potter Tomitaka-san manages Maruwa kiln. He studied pottery in Arita College of Ceramics and got back to hometown. The design is very unique and impressive such as the round shaped table with tobikanna pattern, mug easy to hold and bowls with smart striped pattern. He puts his hearts into making pottery with the bright color.

Address : 892-1 Oazakoishiwara Toho-mura, Asakura-gun Fukuoka 838-1601 Japan


OTA, Tomitaka
Maruwa kiln is well-known as the pottery of Koishiwara-yaki.
Ota-san creates newly designed works with combined both impressive colors and form.