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Arakwa Kiln Shiga Prefecture Arakawa Kiln Shiga prefecture, Kinki

Artist :
ARAKAWA, Satoshi


Shigaraki ware Arakawa Kiln is the place of twenty minutes' drive from Shigaraki interchange of Shin-Meishin expressway. It is located in the highland of the south part in Shiga prefecture, they have comparatively cool summer climate and drop to sub-zero levels in the winter. Shigaraki-cho is well known as yakimono's production area and people are walking through traditional traffic's base, because it borders on Kyoto, Nara and Mie prefecture. Shigaraki has become the convenient place with the interchange close to the city. Seeing cherry blossoms or autumn leaves, furthermore they are so beautiful that many people visit to the places such as the remains of Shigaraki palace or Shigaraki prefectural cultural park. Arakawa-san build the kiln by himself, after he had been training in Shigaraki-cho. There is anagama in the workplace, packing pottery and they are burned by akamatsu firewoods for five days in a row. The color will be changed by the location in the kiln or the way of packing. Fire marks, kiln effect and natural glazed pottery are produced things like jars, vases and drinking vessels. Strong burnt pottery pattern peculiar to kiln and the shape which tells us the warmth of hand-making.

Address : 827-52 Hosohara Shigaraki-cho, Koga-shi Shiga 529-1836 Japan


ARAKAWA, Satoshi
Arakawa-san lives in Shigaraki-cho, Shiga prefecture to make his unique ceramics.
A modern adaptation from unglazed high-fired pottery in Shigaraki ware.