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Yori Kiln Kanagawa Prefecture Yori Kiln Kanagawa prefecture, Kanto

Artist :
SATO, Norikatsu


Yori Kiln was established at Aihara, Sagamihara-shi in 2003. Sagamihara is one of the government ordinance-designated cities and is the big city with the population over 700 thousand. From the city center, it takes about 30 minutes to Yokomaha by JR Yokohama line and about 40 minutes to Shinjuku by Odakyu line, commuting to downtown is possible. There are green and natural good places in the northern part of Sagamihara-shi such as Lake Sagami, Mt. Tanzawa, a low of Chichibu Moutains and Miyagase dam. Many people visit there for doing a hike and mountain climbing. Sato was born in Gifu prefecture and was majoring in ceramics art. He chose Sagamihara's place as the land for producing his ceramic. Then The pottery workshope was moved to Higashihashimoto within the city. He is energetically doing the work, including series of white porcelain called yori.

Address : 1-2-14 Higashihashimoto Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi Kanagawa 252-0144 Japan


SATO, Norikatsu
He won a prize on every sponsored exhibition.
Including the origial white porcelain called yori, he works on hakkosai with new color expression.