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Imadake Kiln Saga Prefecture Karatsu ware Imadake Kiln Saga Prefecture, Kyusyu

Artist :
MIZOKAMI Yoshihiro


Imadake Kiln is the place of ten minutes' drive from the Imari station, JR Chikuhi Line. It is located at the crossing of Jusantsuka, national highway 202. In 1966, Sofu-san opened Imadake Kiln at the village of Imadake which is sorrounded by the historic old kilns which has inherited Matsuura-karatsu group. He has kept up the tradition of ko-garatsu and produce by making most of native soil's character with care. Sofu-san present the documents about ko-garatsu which he collected. Yoshihiro-san, Masato-san who are Sofu-san's son hold the exhibition. They make Karatsu-yaki pottery with care of warmth which exactly fits hands, based on the calm texture of soil's color. Some visitors attend pottery trial lesson for children.

Address : 1384-1 Otsubo-cho-ko, Imari-shi, Saga 848-0021 Japan


Imadake kiln named by Sofu-san is located in Imari-shi, Saga prefecture.
It's a mysterious Karatsu-yaki design with soil taken in a nearby mountain.

MIZOKAMI, Yoshihiro
He has learned some basics of pottery in Kyoto.
With a belief in handmade, he's using locally sourced stones and clay for making special glaze.