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Nakasen Kiln Saga Prefecture Arita ware Nakasen Kiln Saga Prefecture, Kyusyu

Artist :
NAKAO Yasuzumi
NAKAO Hidezumi


Nakasen Kiln is the place of a couple of minutes' drive from the Arita station, JR Sasebo Line, and five minutes' drive from Hasamiarita interchange of Nishi Kyushu expressway. The kiln is near Saga prefectural Arita Techical High School. Nakasen-gama, it is named by the ancestor's name. Jun-san became the head of the pottery to take over family business. They produce Arita-yaki signed with Nakasen-gama's brand, while holding exhibition as an artist in various places. Visitors come to the annual Arita pottery festival all around the country. Each member has different skills with rich variety. Inculding Jun-san's hakuji, seihakuji with decent shape, Yasuzumi-san's saishokuzogan, tenkokuzogan with complicated patterns and Hidezumi-san's washizome which reminds us of "kurumegasuri" by geometric patterns. Chopsticks and utensils are arranged gorgeously on the tray.

Address : 2395-1 Kuwakoba-otsu, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga 844-0012 Japan


He makes white porcelain after he learned from the maestro Inoue Manji in Arita ware.
By creating a solid form, he's offering new ceramics that are relevant to today's life.

NAKAO, Yasuzumi
He makes white porcelain at the Nakasen kiln with advanced technique.
The flowing and exquisite shape, it's considered a secret skill.

NAKAO, Hidezumi
He cuts water-absorbent Japanse washi paper to the proper size, place the paper on the bisque ware, and soak it with cobalt blue colour.
Please enjoy the elegant overlapping patterns.