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Minami Kiln Ishikawa Prefecture Kutani ware Minami Kiln Ishikawa Prefecture, Hokuriku

Artist :
MINAMI Shigemasa


Minami Kiln is the place of twenty minutes’ drive from Komatsu Airport, Ishikawa prefecture. It is located in the gentle hills area which has been chained to Mt. Haku. The Sea of Japan is seen in the distance. There is the training institute to develop human resource of Kutani Ware in Nobi-shi. Many wild birds such as titmouse, chikadee fly with the sound of bird’s singing. They create ceramics from the environment where the air of creatures can be felt. Shigemasa manages the kiln with his daughter, Ayako. Artworks are displayed such as dishes, sake cups, tea bowls, and vases with the seasonal patterns painted by daring composition. Solo exhibition, father-daughter exhibition is held in every place, their noble and vivid color is well received. Please have a look at delicate picture painted on the porcelain.

Address : 2-30 Matsugaoka, Nomi-shi, Ishikawa 923-1225 Japan


MINAMI, Shigemasa
He has succeeded the tradition of Kutani ware. His arts have the feature of the refined wolrd using variety of colors to express the change of the four seasons.

She is one of the upcoming artists representing Kutani. Her painitings using delicate brushwork with the heart of admiring the nature is gaining popularity.