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Shorinantoyo Kiln Yamaguchi Prefecture Hagi ware Shorinantoyo Kiln Yamaguchi prefecture, Chugoku

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Shorinantoyo Kiln is five minutes’ drive from the Sanmi station, JR Sanin Line. It is also the place of fifteen minutes’ drive from the Hagi bus station, downtown Hagi-shi. Tranquil mountain scenery spreads around the street quietly. Sanmi was prospered as post town and it was the transit point with post horses which convey people or luggage. It is the good place to be settled with emitting time-honored smell at the area in Hagi. There are mainly tea utensils, jars, flower vessels, tableware, drinking vessels in the exhibition room. Their artworks are attractive about kind shape and soft tone of the glaze. All the ceramics are made by the climbing kiln. "Toyo Benihagi" is heart-warmed pottery by mixing the original clay Daidotsuchi, Mishimatsuchi and Mitaketsuchi. (TAMAMURA, Toyo was eternal sleep in 2014.)

Address : 221-8 Sanminakayama, Hagi-shi, Yamaguchi 759-3721 Japan
Visiting hours : 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


He is a master artist who treasures the traditional beauty of Hagi Ware. He produces the original unique vivid colored Beni-hagi.
TAMAMURA, Shinichi
He is an artist who inherits the traditional beauty of Hagi Ware. He pursues the multi-dimensional design in order to express his inner world and specializes in "Ransai".