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Moriyamakanzan Kiln Fukuoka Prefecture Moriyamakanzan Kiln Fukuoka prefecture, Kyusyu

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Moriyamakanzan Kiln is located in approximately twenty minutes' drive from the Haki interchange of Oita expressway. Mintosai (the folkcraft pottery village festival) is held on spring and autumn twice a year and many guests visit there. Moriyamakanzan Kiln was established at Koishiwara in 1984, after branching from the original pottery "Moriyamaseitosho". The kiln is managed by the head MORIYAMA, Motomi, his wife and his son Kanjiro with together. In the exhibition room, there are wonderful Koishiwara Ware's jars, vases, large plates, cup & saucers, plates and bowls. They make form by the clay which is taken at Koishiwara and is glazed, and is fired at the wood-fired kiln. Nature's fluctuation can be felt from their artworks. Mr. MORIYAMA makes the Koishiwara's ceramics which suits the contemporary life.

Address : 871-1 Oazakoishiwara, Toho-mura, Asakura-gun, Fukuoka 838-1601 Japan
Visiting hours : 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


He is the founder of Kanzan Kiln. He has over 40 years of career as a potter. His tableware which contains the technique of Tobikanna, Hakeme is suitable for today’s everyday life maintaining the Koishiwara Ware's tradition at the same time.
He is the first son of MORIYAMA Motomi, and makes pottery at Toho village, Asakura-gun, Fukuoka prefecture. His tableware suits one’s hand well for daily use, and he challenges to make it an artistic work.