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Kohakutougeisha Saga Prefecture Kohakutougeisha Saga prefecture, Kyusyu

Artist :
ONO Hakuko
ONO Jiro


Kohakutogeisha was established by Jiro-san at Ureshino-machi in 2002. It is the place of three minutes' drive from the Ureshino interchange of Nagasaki Highway, facing Prefectural Route 1, with the yellow signboard as a mark. There is the Ureshino-onsen which is known as the three most beautiful skin's effect in Japan. It is the ideal environment for making ceramic, surrounded by gentle hills. Jiro-san was a son of Hakuko-san who was designated as Saga Prefecture Important Intangible Cultural Asset. He studied ceramics under Konzan kiln. He became independent of the kiln with succeeding because Hakuko-san passed away and there was no person who took over her kinrande, yurikisai technique. He didn't receive any lessons from Hakuko-san, so he challenged the art while remembering days of her high level work. Consequently porcelain is created with colorful, dazzling glitters. Jiro-san died lamented in 2010. Jiro-san's wife, Emi-san manages the kiln currently.

Address: 3166 Shimojuku-ko, Ureshinomachi, Ureshino-shi, Saga 843-0301 Japan


ONO, Hakuko
Yurikinsai is considered to be one of the most difficult techniques in pottery.
She was recognized as Saga Prefecture Important Intangible Cultural Asset of Ceramics for that.
ONO, Jiro
Kohakutogeisha specialized in the production of gold-decoration pottery has been opened since 2002.
He creates profound color with the charm of gold decoration.
ONO, Emi
Emi-san has observed the porcelain process of works by Hakuko-san.
She receives high evaluation for pasted golden foils on the porcelain elegantly.